Past winners

6th : 2018 / Amsterdam - NetherlandS

Listl S, Galloway J, Mossey PA, Marcenes W

Global Economic Impact of Dental Diseases.

J Dent Res



Schincaglia GP, Hong BY, Rosania A, Barasz J, Thompson A, Sobue T, Panagakos F, Burleson JA, Dongari-Bagtzoglou A, Diaz PI

Clinical, Immune, and Microbiome Traits of Gingivitis and Peri-implant Mucositis.

J Dent Res



Kassebaum NJ, Smith AGC, Bernabé E, Fleming TD, Reynolds AE, Vos T, Murray CJL, Marcenes W, GBD 2015 Oral Health Collaborators

Global, Regional, and National Prevalence, Incidence, and Disability- Adjusted Life Years for Oral Conditions for 195 Countries, 1990–2015: A Systematic Analysis for the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors.

J Dent Res



Flichy-Fernández AJAta-Ali JAlegre-Domingo TCandel-Martí EAta-Ali FPalacio JRPeñarrocha-Diago M.

The effect of orally administered probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri containing tablets in peri-implant mucositis: a double-blind, randomised controlled trial.

J Periodont Res


5th : 2015 / London - UK

Tan L, Wang H, Li C, Pan Y

16S rDNA-based metagenomic analysis of dental plaque and lung bacteria in patients with severe acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

J Periodont Res

Jeffcoat MK, Jeffcoat RL, Tanna N, and Parry SH

Association of a common genetic factor, PTGER3, with outcome of periodontal therapy and preterm birth.

J Periodontol

Caúla AL, Lira-Junior R, Tinoco EMB, Fischer, RG.

The effect of periodontal therapy on cardiovascular risk markers: a 6-month randomized clinical trial.

J Clin Periodontol


4th : 2012 / Vienna - Austria

Motohashi M,Morita T, Yamazaki Y, Mita A, Takada K, Seto M, Nishinoue N, Sasaki Y, Maeno M

A cohort study on the association between periodontal disease and the development of metabolic syndrome.

J Periodontol

Morita I, Okamoto Y, Yoshii S, Nakagaki H, Mizuno K, Sheiham A, Sabbah W

Five-year incidence of periodontal disease is related to body mass index.

J Dent Res

Lalla E, Kunzel C, Burkett S, Cheng B, Lamster IB

Identification of unrecognized diabetes and pre-diabetes in a dental setting.

J Dent Res


3rd : 2009 / Stockholm - Sweden

Papapanou PN, Sedaghatfar MH, Demmer RT, Wolf DN, Jun Yang, Roth GA, Celenti R, Belusko PB, Lalla E, Pavlidis P

Periodontal therapy alters gene expression of peripheral blood monocytes.

J Clin Periodontol

Horton AL, Boggess KA, Moss KL, Jared HL, Beck J, Offenbacher S

Periodontal disease early in pregnancy is associated with maternal systemic inflammation among African American women

J Periodontol

Hettne KM, Weeber M, Laine ML, ten Cate H, Boyer S, Kors JA, Loos BG

Automatic mining of the literature to generate new hypotheses for the possible link between periodontitis and atherosclerosis: lipopolysaccharide as a case study.

J Clin Periodontol


2nd : 2006 / Madrid - Spain

Elter JR, Champagne CME, Offenbacher S, Beck JD

Relationship of periodontal disease and tooth loss to prevalence of coronary heart disease

J Periodontol2004;75:782-790

Saito T, Shimazaki Y, Kiyohara Y, Kato I, Kubo M, Iida M, Yamashita Y

Relationship between obesity, glucose tolerance, and periodontal disease in Japanese women: the Hisayama study

J Periodontal Res

Dorfer CE, Becher H, Ziegler CM, Kaiser C, Lutz R, Jorss D, Lichy C, Buggle F, Bultmann S, Preusch M, Grau AJ

The association of gingivitis and periodontitis with ischemic stroke

J Clin Periodontol



1st : 2003 / berlin - germany

Shapira L, Ayalon S, Brenner T

Effects of Porphyromonas gingivalis on the central nervous system: activation of glial cells and exacerbation of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.

J Periodontol

Persson RE, Hollender LG, Powell VL, MacEntee M, Wyatt CCL, Kiyak HA, Persson GR

Assessment of periodontal conditions and systemic disease in older subjects II. Focus on cardiovascular diseases.

J Clin Periodontol

Lopez NJ, Smith PC, Gutierrez J

Periodontal therapy may reduce the risk of preterm low birth weight in women with periodontal disease: A randomized controlled trial

J Periodontol

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