World Perio Research Awards

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The Sunstar Foundation is pleased to announce this call for research papers on “The Relationship between Periodontal Diseases and Systemic Health” in collaboration with four prestigious journals in the field of periodontal research. These papers will be eligible to receive the Sunstar Foundation World Perio Research Award. In this way, the Foundation hopes to promote further research advances in oral health and systemic health.




In collaboration with:

  • Journal of Periodontology
  • Journal of Clinical Periodontology
  • Journal of Periodontal Research
  • Journal of Dental Research


  1. Theme

    "Relationship between Periodontal Disease and Systemic Health"


  2. Eligibility
    All researchers and clinicians are encouraged to submit papers. Research papers on basic science in periodontal disease including laboratory studies, epidemiology and pure technology innovation may be accepted. However research on commercially available products or on product concepts nearing launch will not be accepted for these awards. Further, no clinical trials of product testing are eligible. Individuals working for a commercial company and past award recipients are not eligible for the awards.

    Entrants must clearly declare the source/s of funding, be it from academic/research institutes, a commercial organization or any other third party. Submissions that received funding from commercial organizations are subject to screening for conflict of interest with the vision/mission of the Sunstar Foundation.

  3. Application
    All papers have been submitted to one of the four above-mentioned journals along with detailed documents, incl.: 

    - CV
    - Nomination Letter
    - PDF of the paper

    Deadline for Submission of Papers: 15th of February, 2021
    (Applications are now closed.)

  4. Selection
    Each journal will select five outstanding papers published between January 1st 2018 and December 31st 2020 and forward them to the Screening Committee. The Screening Committee will evaluate the papers that have been selected by the editors of four journals, as well as the self-nominated papers and then select the first-place winner and two runners-up.

  5. Awards
    The first-place winner will receive USD 10,000 and each of the two runners-up will receive USD 5,000. The first-place winner and two runners-up will also each receive a commemorative trophy. In addition, all expenses for the trip to Europerio 10 in Copenhagen (June 2022) will be paid by the Sunstar Foundation for one individual per award. The Sunstar Foundation will determine the travel allowance to be paid. The award winner is responsible for making all travel arrangements on obtaining budgetary approval from the Sunstar Foundation.

  6. Announcement of Winners
    All winners will be announced by the four journals concurrently in September 2021. This announcement will also be reported on the Sunstar Foundation and Sunstar Group global websites. Winners’ photos and other relevant information may be used for promotional purposes. Winners will be announced on the following websites:

  7. Awards 
    The Awards ceremony will be held online in November and at Europerio 10 in June 2022 in Copenhagen. Sunstar reserves the right to remove any content that promotes competitive products or is commercial in nature. 

  8. Screening Committee
    The award is sponsored by the Sunstar Foundation and reserves the right to amend the eligibility criteria and mode of announcement of winners but does not directly participate in award screening or selection. This is the sole decision of the Independent Selection Committee. Personal information such as gender, age, nationality, race and religion shall not affect the selection process.

Sponsored by: 

  • Sunstar Foundation

Co-sponsored by:

  • Sunstar


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