Karring – Nyman Sunstar Guidor Award: past winners




Dr. Peter Harisson (left)
Trinity Dental College of Dublin

Study: “L-PRF vs. L-PRF Block in periodontal regeneration of 2- and 3-walled intrabony defects.





Siddharth Shanbhag (right),
Department of Clinical Dentistry, Centre for Clinical Dental Research, University of Bergen, Norway

Study: “Threedimensional cultures of periodontal progenitor cells for tissue engineering applications”.





Daniel Clark (middle), 
DDS, PhD, a postdoctoral scholar at the UCSF (University of California, San Francisco), School of Dentistry

Study: "Preclinical in vivo study to test the hypothesis that age-related changes to macrophages negatively affect bone regeneration, and bone regeneration can be improved by limiting the activity of pro-inflammatory macrophages and promoting the activity of anti-inflammatory macrophages." 

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