As the association with the reknown and respected IADR suggests it (the International Association for Dental Research), this award aims to support research within the field of oral tissue regeneration.

It pays tribute to Prs Karring and Nyman, the fathers of periodontal regeneration whose research is at the base of dental membranes in general and of Sunstar GUIDOR® bioresorbable matrix barrier in particular, the first alloplastic bioresorbable regenerative membrane specifically designed on the concept of Guided Tissue Regeneration. 

The Karring–Nyman Sunstar GUIDOR® Award will be conferred annually to the winner of a competition in which oral tissue regeneration research proposals are submitted to and evaluated by a judging panel of 5 members of the PRG.


The grant of 10,000 Euro is to allow the winner, a doctoral student or post-doctoral scientist, to pursue research within the field of oral tissue regeneration with a project involving collaborative research on basic, pre-clinical in vivo, or clinical research with a clear translational or clinical component. Occasionally, a priority topic will be announced and only projects related to this will be eligible for evaluation for that year’s award.


Find out more about the Karring Nyman Sunstar GUIDOR® award and subscribe to the 2nd award here.